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Applying for Canada mph


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Hi all, I'm a medical graduate from Pakistan with 8 yrs of clinical experience.. However, I want to change my field and thought about persuing a career in public health.. Looking for applying in public health program in Canada (As it is my country of residence now).. Now my question is how are my chances of getting accepted in some masters program as a mature student.. My medical school scores we not very good (2nd division) but that's because the marking system in our medical college was really really tough..however, long story short, would my clinical experience be helpful in my application? What can I do to increase my chances ? 

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Most MPH programs (from my knowledge) are EXTREMELY competitive. There's usually less than a 10% acceptance rate. So your clinical experience will definitely be helpful, you should also look into getting more experience working in public health. Actually, many people in MPH programs are mature students since successful applicants usually possess a vast amount of experience that students right out of undergrad don't usually have. So that won't put you at a disadvantage (and may actually be an advantage). 

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