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  1. pianoplaya94

    MPH Canada 2018

    Sorry, I know this doesn't really answer your question, but I applied to the MSc epi program at Guelph and haven't heard anything about my application. It still says "All documents received" on Webadvisor!! And it's really stressing me out. So maybe Guelph likes to take their time with their applications :p
  2. I was just rejected for the OGS and I'm feeling pretty down. I thought I was a good applicant. I had a fair bit of research experience, good GPA, and my proposed masters advisor even helped me with the research proposal (I haven't officially been accepted into a program yet).My average may have been holding me back (I think I had an 82% in my 3rd year and 84% in my final year). So I'm just wondering, what do the stats of the students who win it usually look like?
  3. pianoplaya94

    Fall 2018 CANADIAN universities

    Thanks for the answer! This process is taking forever and I'm really stressing out. When I first interviewed with my advisor she said I have taken the two courses that they usually expect students to have taken in undergrad. I also did just win a big departmental scholarship (which required my CV, transcripts, references, and research proposal). My GPA is way above the minimum requirements (cGPA of 3.5 and last 2 year GPA of 3.67). Also, when I spoke to my advisor last week, she said "I look forward to working with you" and even offered me an RA position for the summer before I start. BUT, I did hand in one reference for the program application that I did not send in for the scholarship application and I'm really worried he may have said something bad. ugh. The wait is torture.
  4. pianoplaya94

    Fall 2018 CANADIAN universities

    I have a question maybe some of you can answer? So long story short, I applied to a program where I had to find an advisor and secure that advisor (have them agree to supervise me) before I apply. Then I apply. So I applied to a program at the end of January. I have an advisor who helped me fill out the scholarship applications and everything. I found out 2 weeks ago that I won a scholarship so I will meet the school's minimum funding requirements! However, my status online still says "all documents received" (like it's said since the day I submitted my application). I need to pick classes in like a month so I'm really starting to panic. I am wondering, what are the chances that I WON'T be accepted by the school? In your experience, if you have an advisor, does the school almost always accept you?
  5. pianoplaya94

    MPH Canada 2018

  6. pianoplaya94

    Canada: Are scholarships taxable?

    Thank you for the help!! Here is the information I found on Queens' website. RAs are definitely taxable according to them but GRAs are not: http://www.queensu.ca/humanresources/management-tools/graduate-student-research-assistant-income
  7. pianoplaya94

    Want to KILL my Professor

    I went to an undergrad school where curving was very common. The profs would usually make the tests extremely hard, and then curve us to fit a specific bell-curve (or average they were told to meet by the department). In first and second year, the departments liked to keep the class averages in the high 60s. They cared less in the later years. For example, I had extraordinarily hard lab anatomy exams where the class averages were about 48%. We were bumped up 15%. One of my stats midterms had a class average of 40% and we were all bumped up 20%. Basically, your prof just bumped the grades up. Nothing to get angry over and is VERY common at some schools. Basically, some profs just bell-curve down by making the assignment/test hard and then bell-curve up after the fact. Or, if the class average for the course was lower than they would have liked, they may bump up.
  8. pianoplaya94

    Canada: Are scholarships taxable?

    Fortunately my dad is a financial advisor and we have an accountant, so everyone in the family just gives him their stuff and he takes care of it lol. I definitely won't make the decision based just on whether I'm taxed (this is the only school I applied to because their research aligns precisely with my interests). The school I applied to doesn't give any information on their website about taxes. BUT, I found on Queen's website that graduate research assistants are not taxed. Whereas, at another school I found they are. It's strange I guess it's up to the school. So if I claim the 11k dollars plus my tuition (which will likely be around 9k) then I wouldn't have to pay any taxes? Also, You mentioned that it will likely be around 1000$ deducted for taxes if I'm deducted. However, at my current job, I work part-time and earn minimum wage, but there has to be at least 150$ deducted off of every paycheck (CPP, IE, income + fed tax). I probably pay about 15% in tax. So wouldn't I be deducted like 3000$ every year from the stipend, if I'm taxed? Sorry for all the questions haha.
  9. pianoplaya94

    Canada: Are scholarships taxable?

    This is all really confusing lol. I guess I won't know for sure until I talk to HR (which the department told me to do AFTER I've officially been accepted to the program). However, if it matters, the terms and conditions states I must continue to apply to the tri-council scholarships during the program so if I win one of those, my amount of the internal scholarship will be reduced by 50% (and allocated to other students). So if the internal scholarship that I did win is worth 20k a year and then I also win the Ontario Grant Scholarship (OGS) which is 15k a year then my total amount I will be adjusted to 25k.
  10. pianoplaya94

    Canada: Are scholarships taxable?

    Thank you. The website says that Graduate Research Assistantships are paid to support my research and to prepare for my thesis. Only if the funding comes from the professor's grant (it doesn't as far as I know... I won a scholarship) would I have to contribute to their research.
  11. pianoplaya94

    Canada: Are scholarships taxable?

    The scholarship was awarded by the college that I would belong to (the college is made up of a number of different departments). I've been told by several people they are taxable (and did not get a clear answer from the department because they didn't know). But, I will be getting only a T4A tax form for the scholarship and NOT a T4 tax form (which I would get if I were a TA).
  12. pianoplaya94

    Epi MSc

    I guess this thread is kinda dead right now lol. But I applied to the MSc at Guelph. Just found out I got funding so now waiting for them to process my application. I applied in January... this is taking FOREVER!
  13. pianoplaya94

    First-generation student (or not)?

    My mom has a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering and has the professional engineer certification. She has a very successful career. My dad got a bachelor's degree in geology and went for his master's in geology. However, he dropped out from his masters one semester before he was suppose to graduate because he realized that he did not want to spend the rest of his life studying rocks in rural locations/on mountains. Very soon after dropping out, he became a financial advisor. He didn't go to school for it, but I guess took a series of courses. Anyways, that's what he is now (and that's actually how he met my mom) and is very successful. I haven't officially been accepted to grad school yet, but I would be the first in my family to hold a master's degree. There may be some extended family members with a master's, though. Most people in my family have some sort of degree. My parents are very academic focused and made sure I always did my best in school. They would go out of their way to help me. They always encouraged me to go for what I wanted, and would support me 100% in whatever I decided. I definitely wouldn't be here without them.
  14. pianoplaya94

    Applying for Canada mph

    Most MPH programs (from my knowledge) are EXTREMELY competitive. There's usually less than a 10% acceptance rate. So your clinical experience will definitely be helpful, you should also look into getting more experience working in public health. Actually, many people in MPH programs are mature students since successful applicants usually possess a vast amount of experience that students right out of undergrad don't usually have. So that won't put you at a disadvantage (and may actually be an advantage).
  15. pianoplaya94

    MPH Canada 2018

    I'm new to these forums, but I love them so far! I'm jealous of all of you being accepted to UofG. I applied to the MSc Epi program there and my application still says "All documents received" on Webadvisor. I applied in January! I contacted them a month ago and they said they can't move my application forward until they hear if I get funding. Well I found out a week ago that I got a scholarship!! But they still haven't moved my app forward... ugh. I have a prof to work with and everything. I just want to be accepted! lol.

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