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International MPH programs useful in U.S.


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I'm an American looking to pursue an MPH abroad. While I'm primarily interested in global health and continuing to work internationally, I don't want to close doors in the U.S. either. If I were to complete an MPH overseas--I'm predominantly looking in New Zealand and Australia since I've been working in the South Pacific for the last few years and would like to continue doing so--would that still transfer back to the States if I wanted to work there or pursue a doctorate from a U.S. university?

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It shouldn't close doors, but might make them a bit foggy... :D

Jobs-wise, I've always found my MSc to just be a tick box. "Has Masters? Check." No one has really cared about my subject, but MPH might be different.

I would advise choosing the university carefully, making sure they're pretty high in the world rankings, or at least comparable positions to US schools that you would consider applying to.

Also, for future PhD applications, it might be a good idea to choose a course that has US- like modules, so that the comparison to a US degree is easily made. I.e. the 5 core modules that most ceph schools seem to have.

Probably a good idea to take the CPH exam, as more evidence that you're equivalent to a US education.

Finally, for PhD applications, you'll likely have to apply to WES, to have your international education formally "Americanized". This currently costs $160. See if you can check whether the australia/nz Masters is considered equivalent to the US Masters.

Just my two cents..

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@DrPHtobe thanks for the response. Lots to think about there.

 It looks like they won't even certify foreign degrees from non-CEPH accredited programs without five years of public health experience, so it looks like that tells me all I needed to know. It's frustrating how much prejudice against degrees obtained elsewhere there seems to be in the U.S. :( 

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