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Italian Renaissance painting, do you know what one I'm describing


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Please delete if this is not the proper forum. My question doesn't involve grad schools but this is the only forum I could find where I think someone might know the answer to this. 

I saw a painting at the MMA in NYC about 20 years ago but it was taken off of display (don't know if it's back again). Anyway, I found it very interesting and would love to see it again. I don't know who the artist is or the exact subject. But it was, I believe, Italian, probably from the mid-1400's and was either The Presentation, or Annunciation or possibly the Birth of the Virgin -- I'm leaning towards Presentation in the Temple because I think I recall the Christ child in it. Anyway, the thing about it that is interesting and the biggest clue to describing the painting is that the subjects (The Madonna at least) is under a roof, like a portico, but when you follow the columns holding the roof down from the top to the bottom, the perspective is completely off and I recall one or two of the rear columns (when viewed at the top of the column) ends at the bottom in the foreground, in front of the 'front' columns. So it looks like the subjects are under the roof towards the top half of this painting, but they are beyond or behind the roof if you look at the bottom half and see that the supporting columns are in front of them. 

Does anyone here know which painting this is? 

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Thanks for the reply, I saw this one and although it does fit what I described, I was thinking of another painting. I believe the one I'm thinking of had a red roof and the rear columns actually end at the ground in the foreground, I think in front of the front columns. But this is a pretty good example of the perspective being off too.


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