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Hey, can anyone who got in to Simmons tell me how they notified you about your financial aid? I applied on the priority deadline of 1/20. Around Feb. 13th, I think, I got a letter saying I needed to complete their financial aid form (not the FAFSA, which I'd already done back in January) before an admission decision could be made, so I did that. I've been told that they send out scholarship info with the admissions packet. I've also been told that it will be mailed to me later this month. Someone else on this forum said that the info was emailed to them. I guess I'm just wondering what the heck is going on. I tried to call the admissions office to find out, but they put me through to the director of admissions and he sounded like he was in a real hurry so I didn't push it. Any insight would be much appreciated. I've pretty much made myself sick worrying about this.

Edit: Forgot to mention I got my acceptance letter on February 23rd.

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Bumping this thread one last time because I am that desperate. Can anyone tell me how you received your financial aid award from Simmons? And if you're comfortable, how much it was and your stats? I have yet to hear anything from them despite calling multiple times.

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