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Korbel v Pardee v Elliot for Security Studies

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I have been accepted into four schools thus far (Korbel, Pardee, Elliott, and SIS...but threw SIS out of the running), and need different perspectives on what I should be looking for in these masters programs. Assume money is not a major factor. Have yet to hear back from Fletcher, SAIS, SIPA, and SFS.

So far I have been mapping out which classes I would be taking under the respective programs, and I am quite satisfied with each of the three.

The things I am looking for in a program are:

  • Jobs with security clearance in the area
  • Dual concentration abilities
  • Russian Language
  • Boren Scholarship awardee history
  • Curriculum is policy/ case oriented rather than theoretical
  • Professors are practitioners in their field
  • Successful placement rate into the Intelligence Community

What else should I take into consideration? Does anyone have information to offer? I have spoken with students, alumni, and professors who all love their respective schools.

Thanks in advance for all those who reply. Feel free to message me if necessary.


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