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Hello Everyone, 

This is Vaishnav writing for some advice from Psychology professionals. I am 31 and have been working in the field of Sales, Marketing, and Operations for close to 9 years. I have had quite a shift - from studyingg Engineering in Comp. Science to a career in marketing, sales and operations across the Software and Oil & Gas industry. However, over the last few years, I have gained interest in Psychology. I am a very people's person and have had the good luck of being there to hear out people when they want to, help them find solutions in terms of personal problems and a lot more. With this experience, I was wondering if I could take up counseling psychology as a career. 

But, given the fact that I've had 9 years of Industrial experience, I was wondering if I/O Psychology will make more sense to pursue instead of counseling psych? In terms of career opportunities post studies. I will be really thankful if someone can throw light on what I could do next in order to shift lines? I am open to suggestions and ideas. Thank you in advance. 

Best Regards,

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