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Confused about funding and no idea where to go


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Hey hey. I got accepted into 3/4 schools I applied to. UT-Austin (Dual Degree Global Policy Studies and Middle Eastern Studies), American (United States Foreign Policy & National Security), and University of Minnesota (Human Rights). I'm leaning more towards American because of its location to DC and I feel as though I would have more opportunities to network and find jobs/opportunities in my field. The problem with American is the COL in DC is extremely high, their tuition is about $32.6k a year, and I only received $11,124k a year in funding. Austin on the other hand has told me that I haven't been awarded any funding as of yet, but that also don't seem to promising. They are $17.5k a year (could be more depending on credits and that was the price for 2017-2018 year). COL in Texas is significantly lower than DC, but not sure how I feel about the area? I do like the program, they have a great Arabic department, and Middle Eastern studies program. I am a bit worrisome about the connections to DC (essentially where I want to live or obtain a job after schooling), they claim they have good connections, but schools can say anything they want. Texas is the only program that is 3 years instead of 2. As far as the Humphrey School (UMN), I haven't received funding notification yet. I would be living at home, so no need to worry about rent. 

I guess what I'm wondering is I've heard that if you have to pay for your masters, you're doing it wrong/they don't think you're worth investing in. That's worrisome. I'm not sure at all about how funding works. Do I secure funding? I know there are scholarships out there and I guess I should apply for those. I'm not sure what to do. Also, if anyone has an experience with these schools and advice (life after grad, funding during it). Any advice? 


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Short answer: what you've heard about funding is much more true of research PhD programs than of master's programs in general and even more so when it comes to thinking about professional master's degrees. That said, there's plenty of posts here about asking and/or negotiating for funding. Check the "Government Affairs" subforum.

If you're concerned about the connections/placement of UT Austin, look it up. Ask the department to provide you with placement information. Use LinkedIn to see where program alums are working now.


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