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MSW interview at APU: writing sample and interview questions?

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I got a call to come in for an admissions interview at APU. It will be with the director of the program and there is a writing sample that I must complete before or after the interview. I have no idea what to expect! What do you think they will ask in the interview? I feel like I can handle the interview but I am nervous for the writing sample even though I am a strong writer. They don't mention any prompt or info about that part. Do I take a pen and pencil with me? Will it be done on a computer? I only have a few days to prepare and I am feeling the pressure!

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Hi qwertythefish,

I was wondering did you have your interview for APU already?

I have one on Thursday and I was trying to get any insight on what to prepare for but I haven't heard too many people asking about it until I saw your post. 

Hopefully everything went well if you had it already. Totally freaking out here haha


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