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Georgetown vs Seton Hall

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Hi everyone! While I am still waiting on one more decision, ultimately I am down to deciding between a masters at Georgetown (Conflict Resolution) or Seton Hall (Diplomacy and International Relations). While Georgetown has been the dream for years, it is also incredibly expensive (even with the small scholarship offered). SHU offered a research assistantship which helps cover about half the cost of tuition. Basically, I'm trying to figure out if the financial attractiveness of SHU is worth giving up the dream of Georgetown. I am planning to visit both in the next couple of weeks and hopefully have a better idea after that, but if anyone has any advice or has experience with either of the programs it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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I'm in a similar dilemma. Fully funded from Notre Dame but Georgetown had always been the dream. But the scholarship they offered is meagre to say the least. 

I have asked them to reconsider my aid package but worst case scenario is that I might have to go with Notre Dame. 

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