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CS PhD vs BME PhD for industry jobs in AI/ML and Neural Engineering

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Can anyone strongly comment on the job prospects for a CS PhD grad vs a BME PhD grad in industry, specifically in AI/ML and Neural Engineering?  I have an admission at a top-30 CS program in CA but some attractive BME PhD offers where there is a much better lab fit for my focus.  I think for jobs in academia it is a no brainer: go with the CS program where they are begging CS PhD grads to take tenure-track positions.  However, if my programming skills are strong after my BME PhD, would the job prospects in industry be limited by the degree? I hear it is really "all about the research", and not the field of study of the PhD degree.

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This is my exact field of subject of interest too. I'm deciding between UChicago Bioscience (funded) and Oxford Engineering Science (funding uncertain). Really hard to decide. I think CS is the safer opinion as "vanilla ML" is a hot field and likely to stay that way for the foreseeable future. I would do BME only if its an exact match to your research interests. Take my opinion with a grain of salt, I'm confused as hell about my own situations these days.

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