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UW Seattle or NYU

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Hi All! Long time lurker, first time poster who needs your help!

I have been fortunate to be accepted into UW Seattle and NYU for their Masters in Statistics programs, have am very confused on what to choose. I am looking to get into the industry rather than research, and eventually want to work as a Data Scientist/Applied statistician/analytics for tech or biotech firms. 



Graduated from a local state university with a math and finance degree last May, and currently working as a Data Analyst. I've picked up programming over the years, but am by no means an expert. I'm working on learning that on my own. 


UW Seattle:

Pros: Highly ranked program, long enough program to get a firm grasp on statistical theory. Will have the opportunity in the summer for internships. 

Cons: On the other side of the US lol (I live in Boston)



Pros: I believe their alumni network is stronger, and although they are not ranked nearly as well as UW, I think they have a better brand recognition. Also a long enough program to allow for an internship.

Cons: More expensive, both in terms of tuition and living costs.



I've heard that NYU is a 'cash cow', but is it looked upon negatively in the industry? I don't think I can go wrong with either choice, but am curious to hear some of your thoughts. Thanks!!

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