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Deciding between admits from MS-CS

Rahul Bajaj

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Hi all, I have the following admits:-

  • UT Austin (MS CS) - unfunded
  • UMD College Park (MSc CS) - unfunded
  • UWisconsin Madison (MS CS) - fully funded with fellowship for 1st year
  • ETH Zurich (MSc CS) - unfunded
  • UMass Amherst (MS CS) - unfunded
  • UWaterloo (MMath. CS with thesis) - fully funded

I am interested in ML and data mining research. Right now, I am not sure about any particular specialization. But after my masters, I am quite sure about doing a PhD. So, till now my decision is a bit more inclined towards going for guaranteed funding options available. I am not sure about going to Austin or UMD without funding.

What are your suggestions? What factors should I weigh more? Also, Could anyone please share info on how to go about securing assistance at UT Austin and UMD for masters program? Any pointers would be appreciated.


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Since you're interested in pursuing a PhD after your masters UWaterloo seems appealing to me because it's funded and you'll also be creating a thesis paper (and seems like it will be more research based) during your time there which would help prepare you for a PhD program. UWisconsin is nice also because with a fellowship your 1st year you'll be able to adjust and not worry about TAing or RAing. I would also look at the research at each school and professor options. It's good to have at least 2 professors you could see yourself working with and find their research interesting so if personality doesn't mesh with one there is still another option.

There are a couple of posts on securing funding so you could search that up top they have helpful email templates etc.

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