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Talking with me mates the other day and one of them was sure his degree was the longest (he's studying to be a doctor). 

His degree, when he graduates, will read MB BCh BAO (NUI) LRCPI LRCSI.

That got me thinking, what is the longest academic degree postnominals out there? :huh:

P.S. Just for fun, I searched for longer degree titles (including associateships and diplomas awarded by specific universities e.g. DIC, AICSM, ARCS, ARSM, ACGI (from Imperial), AKC (from KCL)) None of these, even combined with a regular degree from these unis, appear to be longer than my friends. 

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In my family, we have a competition to see who can accumulate the most letters after their name. Said competition is ongoing. 

I think my Dad is leading the pack with his BSci (Hons) MBA, with my sister just behind at BA LLB (Hons). If I complete everything I've started, I think the most I would be is BS AMusA PhD CFA. I got the AMusA when I was 15, but it has been a very slow burn since then (one letter every five years!). 

But yes, medical doctors seem to gather a lot of certifications, probably because of the way the colleges of medical fellows work. 

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