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Portland State University

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Hey everyone! I'm super super excited about Portland State and I would've loved to be able to visit campus on their visiting day but I'm living in Philly rn so that's pretty much impossible for me. If you were able to visit, what were your general vibes/observations from campus? How was the clinic? I know they recently moved and remodeled it (or are in the process of doing so). Did you get to talk to any current grad students?

Aaallllsssooo, did they say anything about when we should be receiving a financial aid package? It's been about 2 weeks since I've been accepted and I was kinda hoping to hear back by the end of this upcoming week so I had time to sit on a decision and figure out how much I can take out in loans to cover this without absolutely drowning myself. 

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I can speak for aid or anything, but as a postbacc at Portland State I can verify that the department has moved into a new building as of January. Personally I've enjoyed the change (I work in one of the research clinics), it feels nicer than the basement we were in previously (even if it is a little smaller).

I like the downtown locatiom of campus, but I wouldn't recommend living downtown strictly based on cost. As a student you can get deals on public transit passes and they do have a fair amount of parking structures.

If you're concerned about housing feel free to PM me, I don't mind sharing my experiences from the past 2 years. :)

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