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  1. I think it's also helpful to look at the faculty of the schools you're considering, and see if any of the professors work with autism or are working on projects you're interested in within that field. That was one of my considerations as well, and helped me get a feel of which programs I'd be happier with.
  2. I was officially rejected from EWU today (I was originally on the second waitlist). Good luck to those still waiting for responses!
  3. Really? I didn't have an issue with any school accepting my stats course, which was Sociology 399. That is good to be aware of though. I know they emphasized that we make sure they're considered equivalent to a higher Stats course; that course covered the same material as the 2pt Stats sequence the campus offered.
  4. When did you take the stats course originally? Part of the requirement for ASHA is that it has been taken within the past 5 years. I had an A- in my undergrad stats (psychological statistics specifically), but had to retake it this past year because it 'expired'. Also, make sure it is the correct level. I believe it has to be higher than introductory; for example, my undergrad campus (a UC) had a GE Stats 10 course, but to qualify for ASHA and my major I needed a 100 level. If math isn't your thing, I recommend looking into a psychology or sociology focused stats course; they are generally offered directly from those departments and will be applicable to our potential uses for Stats.
  5. I got a call this morning that I'm on the priority waitlist for Rocky Mountain University. Since their application closed April 1 it looks like they're still waiting for responses. The follow-up email said they accept as late as August. I will be removing myself from the waitlist, so hopefully that helps someone!
  6. For anyone interested in this program, I got an email today stating that they are still accepting applications due to an issue with CSDCAS (I guess they closed the application on the 1st even though it should have been open until the 13th?). I won't be applying as I've accepted elsewhere, but thought I'd share in case anyone wanted the option. Although I'm not sure if this only applies to those that started theie apps in CSDCAS preciously, as the email did have a link to follow to apply.
  7. Personally I use a laptop, and I switch between a jansport backpack with my laptop in a cushy case (that isn't water proof, but is thick) and a leather shoulder bag. I've been in Portland, OR for 2 years and I've never had an issue with water getting into my laptop. However, I have had many professors discuss research about how typing notes isn't considered as effective as writing by hand, and many use this in discussion of policies about computer use in class. No one has refused to have a computer in class, but a few have mentioned that they'd consider it. Maybe check with your program to see if there is an opinion like that on your campus?
  8. The only program I've heard from is Midwestern at Glendale (thankfully accepted, they're my only one and I had a late interview). I have yet to hear from EWU (waitlisted) or Rocky Mountain (late interview last Thursday).
  9. Anyone know how often they confirn join requests for Midwestern Glendale? For anyone who needs it, here's the link. My request is still pending, but I just added last night. facebook.com/groups/362974807510745/
  10. I know the federal loan allowance for post-bacc students isn't very high ($12,500 annually). I ended up taking out a personal loan. I was lucky that my credit union just recently started a student loan program, and I was able to get a decent rate by cosigning with my dad. (It's serviced through a company called LendKey, and the interest is fixed around 6%). I do have to pay some now, but it's only $25/month while I'm in school.
  11. I think the other two posters made some good points, but I also wanted to mention that I have a friend that graduate from SDSU a few years ago and was able to get a position in the medical field soon after. It was harder for her to get a job in San Diego at first, but once her local placement heard she was going to move out of state for a job they decided to offer her one at their hospital. So it is possible to do a Med focus, and they are known to be a strong program as well.
  12. Thank you @SLP_classof2020! I had my interview today, and they asked 5 questions. They asked specifically about why we wanted to go to Rocky Mountain (not just about being an SLP), talked about medical advancements/trends in Speech Pathology, and about a time you took initiative (in addition to the others mentioned before. They may have different ones for each person, but that's what I was asked. There was also an opportunity for me to ask program questions; I didn't know who I was interviewing with ahead of time, so I stuck with questions about the program. I did unfortunately have an issue with my phone though; I was in an area with unreliable service (I was on my campus and thought I was in a good spot) and missed the initial call. After about 15 minutes I decided to call the university and they were able to connect me. They wete very pleasant about it, but just to be safe make sure you have STRONG service if you're relying on a cell phone, as wifi didn't work for me.
  13. One of the programs I applied to recommended not working the first semester to make sure you can balance tbe courseload. That said, I'll likely look into working too. Have you investigated the courseload for your first term? That may help you see how doable it is. Also, looking into flexibility of the new position as well as what days you'll be working is important. Most master's programs have you busy during the week, so working mostly on weekends may be a better option.
  14. I'm interviewing this week too! Mine should be Thursday, so I can let you know how it goes if you don't hear from someone sooner. I've also been checking out their program info online (again) just to be prepared.
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