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Hi there,

Im a student in Complutense University of Madrid and i'm writing my seminar paper about lobbying in the EU parlament. 

I want to write a small part at the paper about lobbying in the US. If anyone here wrote a paper about lobbying in the US that can save me from reading hundreds of articles i'll cherish him/her forever.

my Email is kylejones363722@gmail.com


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40 minutes ago, kylejones said:

I didn't mean to copy it, just to have a Short review to a few sentences I want to write. Guess u don't know what it's like to get all the information from articles that aren't written in your first language.


Simmer down now.


Assuming that you are making a good-faith effort to be pointed in the right direction and not just handed answers, check out this link below.  It is to a non-academic source (Politico) but the author is an academic that specifically studies the differences between lobbying in the EU and US.  Look into her work (including a book on the topic) and I am sure you will have a better idea.

link: https://www.politico.eu/article/why-lobbying-in-america-is-different/

And try to think of how your request might come across, and don't take refuge in the language of instruction; you selected the program after all.  It is always better to be asked to be given a few pointers, authors to look into, etc instead of looking for fully assembled work.  


disclaimer: I do not focus on EU (or US for that matter) institutions; I just performed a cursory search and this popped up.

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