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GSPIA or uWaterloo MPS


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I've been admitted to Ottawa's GSPIA and Waterloo's Masters of Public Service Program and I feel lost because, on one hand, all my profs are telling me to pursue Ottawa, but the open house at Waterloo MPS was great. The director of the Waterloo MPS was a really nice guy and I had the feeling that engagement with the student body at Waterloo is massive compared to Ottawa. Ottawa, on the other hand, has better co-op job board. The LinkedIn searches gave me the same impression that uOttawa's graduates have a better federal government job compared to the MPS program. That said, the administration is very vague. There's no open house, and there's very little information online. That tells me the bureaucracy in Ottawa is pretty bad, compared to Waterloo where it's pretty smooth. Waterloo on the other hand, is not well known for its MPS program but has a very high co-op rate. 



If there is anybody out there that has ANY information on GSPIA I would greatly appreciate it! 



Thanks again, 




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