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Graduate School Life, Chemistry - Duke vs UNC-CH


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I am deciding between Duke and UNC-Chapel Hill for a Chemistry Ph.D. 

I know UNC has a stronger chem program overall but I am looking to do more chem bio with biomed applications, and Duke has one of the best med schools. In terms of research groups, they're pretty balanced with 2-3 groups at each school that I could work for. So in re: pros/cons, UNC and Duke are tied for me. 

My question is: are students happier/less stressed at Duke or at UNC?
I get that UNC has a top program and that likely comes with additional stress, but is it so bad I should choose Duke instead? I know that the programs at Columbia, Stanford, etc. are pretty cutthroat and stress-inducing and I am wondering if that is the case at UNC. 

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Howdy dowdy! Congrats on your acceptances. You likely have a great academic track record and will excel in your future career. No matter which program you choose, you will get out what you put in. Any differences between the programs will likely be mere drops in a bucket compared with your overall projects in grad school. Make sure your interest in and chemistry (haha) with the particular labs is adequate though. Best of luck!!

;-) ;-)

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