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How to tell my employer I'm quitting for graduate school?


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As the title suggests, how do I do it?

I already know when I'm going to quit (end of May. Moving to my graduate school state in June. Giving them a month to find someone to replace me).

The issue is how do I do it? If I tell them that I'm going to graduate school, they'll probably feel betrayed because I've only worked there for a year and had every intention of quitting if I got accepted (I work as a Paralegal in a law firm). I would tell them sooner, but then there's the off-chance that I immediately get fired, which I wouldn't blame them for.

How have people told their employers they were going to quit because of grad school in the past?

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Just be honest and tell your immediate superior that this will shape your career better. Don't inform them until mid-April though I would suggest. I did it when I went for my masters degree. I only worked there for less than two years but I got promoted twice so they knew I had some very high ambitions. They even offered to have me join back after the masters If I would like to. Maybe yours won't be as understanding but when its mid-may you've barely got a one month salary to lose if they fire you right away. Mine was a trading firm, which worked quite like a law firm in regards to how it works and the management style.

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