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I was told that I would be able to get answers to my questions about admission to graduate school if I have a 2.8 GPA.  Who can answer that for me what are my odds. Is it better to go to an online masters program that does not require a GRE ?


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Hi John!  There are several places on the forum that people wtih sub-3.0 GPAs go to.  This isn't really the specific forum where you'll get the most traffic though.  I might suggest:



You also might go to the program specific page for your program.  What degree are you thinking?  That can also help us see if you'd be better off in an in person program or online.


In general, I think you'll find a lot of skepticism about online programs.  But there are also graduate schools that are out there that don't require GREs.  And don't forget, GREs can help show that you really do have academic aptitude, even if you have a low GPA, so it might be worthwhile to study up and take it, simply because then you can explain "I'm really a good student, but here's why my GPA is low, but check out my GRE!" in your application essay.


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