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Have I Got it?

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In my usual obsessive manner of checking, I check each and every school's website to see my status at midnight. To my surprise I see on one of websites that the box for application status is gone and instead there are two buttons at the bottom that say "Accept Offer of Admission" and "Decline Offer of Admission" but in keeping myself objective, another box labeled "Decision" still says N/A.

I'm not sure whether or not this means I got in or really I'm not sure what this means. I'm taking the "Decision" box as either they have yet to make a decision or they are waiting on my decision to attend the school. I mean I could always wait for their email but it'd be nice to know immediately :P. Thoughts? ( I hope it's good news! I've been waiting soooo long...). Thanks ahead of time to all those who can help me out with this!

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