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GRE, to retake or to not retake?


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I'm in a dilemma here. My score is 162/162/4.5 and I'm looking to get in a decent college for masters in CS. Some of the college's I'm looking at are - UMass, TAMU, U Minn Twin cities (ambitious ones, yes I know) and I want to improve my chances of atleast being considered in these. Every profile I look at has a 165+ in quant. Also at this point, I'm worried that my moderate list (NCSU, UMCP) is not moderate enough. Is it worth retaking the exam?

For additional information, my overall profile isn't the best. 8.66/10 CGPA from a relatively okaish college from India (BMS college of engineering) and been working in MySQL for the past 2 years. No publications, but I've got a few interesting projects.

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Something I found interesting at Wharton was some comments by an Admissions Officer.  This is all opinion .
If you aren't satisfied with your GRE score the first time, then look at taking a course and study more.

Immediately schedule a new exam date, so you have a plan to work towards.
Any classroom course helps, because it forces you into an environment to achieve.
Even a really poor course with peers can improve your score more than simply self studying.
You want to expose yourself to pressure, because its is what the best Graduate programs do to you.

If after the second result you aren't pleased.  Perhaps one more time.
Since we can presume you put everything into both exams, you shouldn't take it more than three times and preferably just once.

An aside, you should be attending Hackathons and contributing to Open source with a github address.
You will want to include this on your resume, as it something the best Universities look for these days. Innovation and Leadership.

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