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How to raise a 158 quant score to a 164?


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I am aiming for extremely competitive graduate programs in a social science field. I have an excellent academic record, ivy league/oxbridge credentials, publications, but struck out of my target programs this time and have to reattempt the GRE. 

After putting in about 2-3 weeks of studying via magoosh I got a 168v/158q/6.0w

I am not a math person.

I understand from a reliable source that, despite an otherwise strong application package, a 163 or 164 quant score is an effective prerequisite for my goals.

I have eight months between now and when I'm applying but it would be logistically difficult for me to devote myself to the GRE after September so, I am aiming to take it in August.

How can an otherwise academically talented but math-deficient person most reliably get from a 158 to a 164 in about 3-4 months of studying?

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I’ve met a lot of people in your situation, and it’s quite normal that something like Magoosh would only get you so far.

You want to cross train by doing lots of official GMAT “problem solving” math questions, which are very similar to GRE. That and doing all available official GRE questions (in books and Powerprep exams) and analyzing your mistakes will be what you need.

If there is a particular concept giving you trouble, the MGRE 5-lb book will provide repetition (but not realism).

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