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  1. I am looking to find an excellent GRE tutor for the quant section. Does anyone have any suggestions about how to go about finding one and figuring out if they're a good fit? Thanks
  2. I am aiming for extremely competitive graduate programs in a social science field. I have an excellent academic record, ivy league/oxbridge credentials, publications, but struck out of my target programs this time and have to reattempt the GRE. After putting in about 2-3 weeks of studying via magoosh I got a 168v/158q/6.0w I am not a math person. I understand from a reliable source that, despite an otherwise strong application package, a 163 or 164 quant score is an effective prerequisite for my goals. I have eight months between now and when I'm applying but it would be logis
  3. I do not believe any top 6 program has interviews...bored, sad people post fake results.
  4. I think that the answer to this question doesn't exist on this forum unless there is a member of the Wisconsin admissions committee reading this.
  5. On the other hand, maybe if we talk about the discipline when hope to enter and implicitly about decisions made by us in April, it will be less of a draw to anxiously check this thread every 30 minutes for a jump-scare of a post by someone about a school you care about but haven't heard from? ;-) Though in seriousness, is there any scenario where this thread is going to promote mental health when used this way: 1. If you haven't heard from the school's you're hoping to attend, then checking this thread repeatedly for other people who got in is just going to drive you nuts. 2. If you
  6. I do not think you are making an apples to apples comparison here. You quoted this as " Michigan (#4) places 60 percent of it's PhDs in TT jobs after 5 years, Notre Dame (#37) places 53 percent." Michigan provides much more of its data. Nortre Dame provides percentages for initial placements for the 2015-16 year, and 5 year placements for 06/07-10/11, the later of which mixes pre-financial crisis and post-crisis data. And they seemingly arbitrary cut the data for everyone from 11/12-14/15. If you saw an academic study funded by a product manufacture that just arbitrarily cut out
  7. Where is your data on these specific claims? My impression was that many of these schools do not publish a full list of their graduates post-PhD positions (including unemployed and non-academic) by graduation year, nor do they transparently publish transparent attrition rates - both of which are necessary to determine true placement levels. The Nortre Dame placement webpage appears to only list successful candidates, of whom many are Notre Dame post-docs (who knows if that leads anywhere) - making it impossible to determine overall rate of success.
  8. The amount of philosophy type courses will depend on the law school. If you want to do this the five viable law schools are Yale, Harvard, Chicago, Stanford and NYU. If you want to be an academic philosopher of law in a philosophy department you need a PhD in philosophy - a JD is nice but neither necessary nor sufficient. If you want to write on law and philosophy as a law school professor, it is essential to go to a top law school (one of the five mentioned above) and a PhD in philosophy would be very important but perhaps not quiet necessary. A JD/PhD program at one of the schools men
  9. If I could suggest with some more direct knowledge of this process: 1. You really need to go to a T18 school in Law. 2. There is literally no such thing as graduating in the top of your class at Yale because YLS grades are not convertible into a GPA and no rankings or graduation honors are given. There is no such thing as graduating in the top 5% of your class at HLS because the highest distinction has a top 10% cut off. And none of this matters because no one actually cares about your grades when applying to law teaching positions and you will not be asked to produce a transcript. The
  10. Pepperdine law is not considered a good law school for legal academics and going to any school outside of the top 20 would be extremely damaging for any potential academic career. If you went that way you would not get into the Yale Law PhD program: look at the profiles of who they admit on their website: they have five Yale JDs, one Harvard JD, one Michigan JD, one Georgetown JD, one WUSTL JD. The Yale PhD program has never admitted anyone from a school ranked lower than 20 and overwhelmingly prefers Yale JDs. Pepperdine is ranked in the 60s or 70s depending on the year. If
  11. Extended water fasts will take weight off rapidly but its very likely to come back since they will slow down your metabolism and not provide a sustainable pattern of eating you can follow indefinitely. I've done multi-week fasts three while in grad school, while working - they are not nearly as hard as people think after the first couple of days...but each time I regained weight. Intermittent fasting however, ideally eating one meal a day in the evening (meaning fasting for 23 hours only, not for multiple days), is highly effective and sustainable. It reduces or eliminates food cravings an
  12. Preemptively encouraging people to disregard the obviously fake Harvard polisci acceptance which was posted a month early, on a day the university is closed. Yeah. Right. Try harder Polisci Rumors troll - or get a life!
  13. Probably a grade from a first semester of a four semester program will be less damaging than if it came later in your studies also, as long as you excelled at other quant classes.
  14. I think even cursory research will show that the type of prestige that matters is whether admissions committee members recognize and are impressed by your undergrad and masters granting universities (which is mostly a question of whether its an Ivy, Cal, MIT, Stanford, Duke, Oxbridge, or the five most famous SLACs), which helps, whether they've heard of your college (which is neutral), and if they've never heard of your college it is at best neutral and at worst harmful. Actually referring to your college's reputation as RevTheory1126 mentions is probably a kiss of death on a SoP...so really
  15. A JD will not credential you to teach in a political science department by itself without a PhD in political theory or philosophy. A PhD in Polisci makes a candidate for a law teaching job more competitive and a JD makes a theory PhD more competitive in the Polisci teaching market.
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