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Omg I did

Unfortunately, i have no idea why, but they keep delaying releasing the result. As far as I know, next week. I got an email yesterday that they will announce next week.

Btw do you think this is highly competitive?

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I also received a message from my application's supervisor that they "will send results by email to all applicants till the end of the first half of April" :)

Honestly, have no idea about how competitive it is as well. I believe it is a first year they offer Erasmus Mundus funding for it. And also there no forum posts about it as well - mine is the first one :D

Where are you from, by the way? I am from Kazakhstan :)

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Unfortunately yesterday i got an email that i was declined for an admission. It looks so short and mass email- even dont change my name. And the application status was not changed... I dont wanna accept this harsh decision. But looks like i wont have a chance.

Did you get any?

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I have received the admission e-mail and I was informed of being placed in the reserve list of scholarship. I was confused about this. Pls tell me your result if you receive any notice. Thank you!

Wish you a positive response from the admission committee!

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Hey Yuki Li!

Same here! I have been offered a self-funded place and they notified me that I shall enrol in the programme if I want to be placed on the reserve list and still have a chance to win the EMJMD scholarship. So I did that!

I have a friend of mine who received a full scholarship offer though :) 

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On 4/21/2020 at 12:24 AM, ElizabethBamson said:

hello, limperatrice! Did you eventually got the EMJMD scholarship? 

Hi, elizabeth. I am on reserve list too this year for the program. Did you apply it and become a reserve candidate too?

A long wait for those who are in reserve list to know any (im)possibility of scholarship. Good luck for you. 

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