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Difference in DMA programs/Aesthetics


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I am considering pursuing a DMA program for music composition and I’ve heard that it’s a good idea to find a school where the faculty’s aesthetic lines up with yours and where you see you’re future career being  

I am interested in in music that is a bit more centered around minimalism and ambient styles, I’m not concerned with super edgy avant-garde. Some of my favorite composers are John Luther Adams, Philip Glass, Arvo Part, Lou Harrison, Charles Ives, Claude Debussy, Ben Johnson, etc

i compose a good deal of chamber music but particularly choral and sacred music and electoacoustic music (I’ll mention my background is in music technology as well as composition)  

I’ve read that the program at Yale might be up my alley, anyone else have any suggestions??



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You will find Yale exceptionally difficult to get into. Maybe look at NYU some too. And Princeton though that's also going to be tough.  Not sure where else to suggest right now. 

But yeah you should apply to a large range of places in any case.  

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