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Anyone going to Seton Hall/Montclair State?

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I'm torn between both programs, if anyone has any insight/opinions I'd appreciate it! 

Seton Hall: $$, 65 credits, 3 clinical externships (no on-campus clinic), overseas trip option, new interprofessional building (not sure exactly how we will be collaborating with other students), culminating project is a portfolio of experiences, From a professor in the program: "The medical training is through coursework in Dysphagia +Neuroscience +neuromotor + Aphasia/Cognition courses along with clinical placements. In addition, student attend a one day training at JFK, Adler, Alaris and JCC for specific training on MBS, aphasia testing, observing Trach/vent patients and work with individuals with MCI"

Montclair State: $, 62 credits, 3 on campus clinical rotations, 2 externships, no overseas trip, not sure of what medical training they offer (FEES, MBS, etc.), capstone project (not sure what it consists of), same core curriculum as Seton Hall

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