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Which program to choose?


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School A

I got into a new program at a highly reputed school. I'm however facing two dilemmas as of now:

-The course is offered by the Earth Science department. From the coursework, it looks like it is all based on the  applications of computation in the field of Earth Science. When I was interviewed, I was told that there would be a lot of computation and little of the physical science.The Computational Science, Mathematical Modelling and Machine Learning combined together appeal a lot to me, though. 

-This is a new course that is being offered. This school is top notch, and very well-known, so I'm assuming the program must be really good. But since I will be the first batch to pass out, I'm skeptical of where I would fare. I want to work in the industry after this, but I'm not to sure of job aspects in this field.

School B 

-The program is an established and well-reputed program. However, this is a computer Science Program and not a Computational Science Program. Their Machine Learning Program is one of the best in the business, though.

 -It however, ranks lower than school A, but I know that taking this program, will give me an opening into a steady career.

Can anybody lay out some points, and help me choose which program to accept?

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Overall, school reputation does not pass onto the department reputation. As examples, let's look at the University of Chicago, which ranks #3 for National Universities by USNEWS. It's considered to be tied for the #1 Business School and the top program in English. It's also ranked #4 for Best Law School. At the opposite end of the spectrum, it's ranked #39 for Best Medical Schools: Primary Care and #29 for Public Finance and Budgeting.

Indiana University is ranked #90 for National Universities by USNEWS. It is also considered to be the #1 school for Public Finance and Budgeting, #27 in Business, #55 for Computer Science, #32 in Law School and #42 in Health Care Management. 

Washington University in tied for #18 in National Universities by USNews. It's ranked #23 for Business Schools, #49 for Computer Science, #18 Law Schools, #3 for Audiology, #12 for Biological Sciences, #1 for Genetics and #1 for Fine Arts.

Program rankings vary a lot and rarely ever match the University's ranking.

How do you feel about living in either city? Are there people you're interested at working with at both universities? Are the jobs that alumni at school B the type of jobs you're interested in? How do you feel about coursework at each? What about the teaching or research requirements at both?

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