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Choosing between a school with a perfect advisor with few other options or one with many advisor options but no perfect fit?


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I'm considering a school in which there is a potential advisor who matches my research interests perfectly and we got along well during my visit. He guaranteed I would be able to work in his lab this summer before graduate school starts, and I would be able to join his lab completely if I chose. My only worry is that there aren't really any other advisors at that school who are taking grad school students next year. What if my initial opinions of this PI are off and I end up not liking his lab? I have other schools to choose from who have a variety of good advisor options, but their research doesn't excite me quite as much. I suppose this would be a safer option in having more people to choose from. Does anyone have any opinions about how to handle this? 

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Do you know if anybody would be able to take you on the year after and whether you'd need to choose an advisor in the first year? Some schools allow selection of official advisor after the first year so maybe you'll have the opportunity to interact with and join one of their labs. I would only go if there is at least one other person you could see yourself working with. I did go down the route of selecting a program that has rotations with several exciting professors for me however I don't think this is mandatory.

Also if you have a chance over the next few days to talk to some of his Advisees that may give you the opportunity to see more into his personality and if you'd match well.

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