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Almost royally screwed up

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Fortunately I caught it in time, but I almost completely sabotaged the acceptance process. I had to commit by April 9th because I got a scholarship, so I emailed the program chair on April 6th accepting my admittance. She said that the Graduate College adviser would be in contact with me. So throughout this week I've been waiting for more information. I figured out I probably would need to send in a deposit, etc, but I figured they would let me know when that needed to happen. I then wondered if there was a portal where I could pay online. I've been checking my financial aid portal for the official aid package, and I figured any other pertinent information would be in that portal.

Tonight I decided to search the UVM website for admitted student info and a page led me to my application portal (NOT the financial aid portal). I assumed the two were one and the same, and I realized with a shock that there was a button to click and a letter detailing the next steps, where to send the deposit, etc. I'm mailing the deposit tomorrow and I emailed the graduate adviser, which I should have done right away. I'm guessing I'll be fine as far as the scholarship goes since I did accept it from the program chair, but I wonder how potentially screwed I might have been if I hadn't found my portal again.

So if any of you out there don't have a clear idea of where/how to accept, for the love of God investigate and actually ask people instead of assuming you've done all you've needed. D'oh.

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