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Campus Visit -- Please Help Me Understand This....


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Hello all,


I got a generous fully funded offer from a master's program in the South. In the letter, it said to contact the department if I wanted to visit the campus, and arrangements could be made.


Now, what do you suppose these arrangements could be? Does this mean we will have someone show you around the campus, or could it be a flight ticket? I live in the far north and can go have lunch in Canada and be back by dinner. I cannot afford to visit this place, but I deeply wish to do so because I am nervous about spending a few years in a place I know nothing about.


Any insights? Would it be too bold and assuming to ask the department about the nature of the arrangements? 


Thank you all for your help,



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Definitely contact the department administrator to let them know your situation. You don't necessarily have to say that you can't afford to visit on your own dime, but let them know where you'd be coming from and ask what other information they need from you. They should make it evident in their reply what "arrangements" they're able to make (read: pay for). This could range from scheduling meetings to setting up a graduate student host to paying for a flight, hotel, and meals. If they don't make it clear in their reply, then I'd reinforce that a visit is very important in making your decision, and then ask directly what financial assistance is available.

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It definitely is not too bold to ask! For the record, all of the Soc PhD programs I've been in contact with have offered to reimburse travel expenses, at least up to a certain amount. I am not familiar with master's programs, but I think it is certainly reasonable to ask.

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