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POI says deadline is April 16th this year. Is that right?

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6 hours ago, confused_as_heck said:

Prof said he made an offer to someone else and they have until Monday because the 15th is on a Sunday this year. Is that right? 

Well, if the prof made the offer then the prof gets to choose when the deadline is. The prof could have chose any deadline they wanted. 

Just to be clear, the April 15 convention is just a guidelines/agreement between all grad departments to make offers that have deadlines no earlier than April 15. So first, there is no requirement and despite what the convention says, the actual deadline on any offer is what the offer letter states (i.e. the convention is an agreement between grad schools, it has nothing to do with any individual offer) and second, after April 15, the convention does not suggest any sort of coordination between schools.

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