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Ohio State or GVSU?? Pros cons?


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I've got a few tough decisions. So firstly, I got accepted at a university that was my last choice on the 15th, then I was waitlisted by the two mentioned above.
The deadline came so I gave my acceptance to my last choice thinking that I'd get rejected at the other two (I also didn't think I could ask for an extension..).
Now, as you might have guessed, I've been accepted at my two preferred programs.

1. Can I withdraw from my last choice even after I've accepted? I truly feel horrible about it.

2. Do any of you know the pros and cons between OSU and GVSU?

Thank you so much to anyone who answers. This is weighing so heavily on my mind.

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I'm actually on the same boat. 

Accepted an offer due to pressing deadline, and in the meanwhile working with another school on admission and funding. I do not know if things will work out for the second school tho. 

But if it does, I will be facing the same dilemma as well to retract the first offer and burn a bridge. 

Hope someone can chime in.

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Under most circumstances, you should be able to withdraw from your last choice school. If you signed any paperwork, I would read through it and make sure it doesn’t prohibit withdrawing (I don’t think it would, but considering it’s a document you signed, I would double check). The electronic form I had to fill out when I accepted my school specifically said that I could withdraw if I decided to, but as long as your school doesn’t specifically say “you cannot rescind this decision” you should be okay to withdraw. The program might not be too pleased, and you may burn a few bridges, but in my personal opinion it's worth it to attend a school that is a better fit for you. 

I don’t know what field you’re in, so I can’t speak much about program quality at OSU vs. GVSU. However, I am finishing up my undergrad at GVSU currently and I quite like it here. I’ve worked with a lot of great faculty, and the class sizes are really small, especially the graduate level classes. The only potential downside is that overall GVSU doesn't have as much of a reputation as OSU (unless you decide to stay in West Michigan afterward, in which case about 50% of the college-educated people you interact with will have gotten their degree here haha).

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