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  1. Thank you for the reply. I did try to write to Department head who had initially emailed me the offer, she did not reply as well. I emailed my co-supervisor and he said " I'm not in a position to know the answer". What do I do ? The silence is freaking me out.
  2. Hi, My PI who told me that she will get back to me about funding " withing 2 weeks " has been silent for more than 3 weeks now. I emailed her twice and no reply. Is it okay to call a week after my last email ? I do not want to appear impatient but I have a notice period at my current work place and my manager told me to inform him by 30th May. I did write this in my email but she still did not respond. Is it okay to call her ?
  3. @fuzzylogician : I emailed her after a week, no reply. I emailed after she came back ( which was yesterday), No reply yet. I contacted the co-supervisor and he said I have to wait for her to get back and that he is not in a position to answer. What do I do ? Is it okay to call if she does not reply ? The silence is freaking me out. I am thinking they pulled my offer.
  4. Hi all, I still have not heard about funding yet. My PI told me that it would take about 2 weeks for her to finalize on the funding after discussing with my co-supervisors. I emailed her after 2 weeks asking for an update only to get a reply saying she will be out of office till end of the month. I am considering emailing the co-supervisors ( but I am worried it might look like I am overstepping ) and calling the admission office. I am an international student and I am worried that I may not make it on time since I have to apply for the visa as well and they still do not give me a decis
  5. Yes, you can reach out to them but my guess would be that there would be a generic reply like " under review" or " results will be out soon". But I would still encourage you to email them. There are a lot of PhD programs that have not sent out acceptances yet, so don't panic yet. You could be wait-listed. It's not over till it's over.
  6. Hi, My university has not yet sent the official acceptance letter because " My co-supervisors are still discussing about funding". What does this mean ? During the interview my PI mentioned that I will receive a " small" stipend, which may be low compared to some colleges but enough to survive in that region. She mentioned nothing about the tuition. Are they discussing about the stipend amount or the tuition amount ? If they are not going to offer me tuition then I will accept my second choice. I do not know how to politely email and ask about it either, I do not want to sound like I hav
  7. BME this year seems to have this fate everywhere. I'm an international student too and am in the exact same situation as you. You can write to your professor and ask if he will allow you to transfer from Masters to PhD as and when a position opens up. Its rare but I've heard it happens. And look for TA/RA positions and other part-time jobs. You can always apply for an education loan , worst comes to worst. Good luck !!
  8. I understand that it is a painful process. But you are dangerously close to impertinence and that is the kind of behavior that would work badly for you. Many schools ( including Ivy Leagues) haven't sent out final acceptances yet. And some of their top choice candidates may have asked for a 1-2 week deadline extension, causing the delay beyond April 15th for you. Don't take their dates strictly, always keep a 1-2 week window. You are well within the window so don't freak yet. It's not over till it's over. For now, all I would say is, you wait, that's all you do. You hope, you pray and you wai
  9. @BabyScientist : They head of the department emailed me saying " we will email materials to faculty matching your interests and some of them might contact you " and I haven't heard back from anyone since. What do I do ? do I stand at a risk of getting the offer pulled ?
  10. @BabyScientistThey said the offer is conditional on funding and that I will hear from faculty, but I haven't heard from anyone yet. Do colleges sent bulk conditional offers instead of wait list/rejections and then reject those who do not get funding ?
  11. What are the chances of a conditional admission turning to an official offer ? I got my conditional offer a week back, I was told that I will be contacted by faculty in the next 2 weeks. I still have not heard anything. I am freaking out. Did they pull my offer ?
  12. @laveritecestla Thank you for your reply. You have any idea about Ohio State University and University of Cincinnati ?
  13. Hello everyone, I got an email from the chair of the department I was applying to. It goes like this, " We are pleased to offer you condition admission. But before we can offer you an official admission with financial assistance, we must match you with a research advisor who can provide financial support." What does this mean ? Do I write to the Professor I was in contact with again ? Is this a sure offer? I don't know if I can celebrate yet :\ Any leads will be much appreciated.
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