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  1. Hi everyone! I was accepted to a Masters program at CMU in the US. I applied to the Ph.D. program and therefore hoped I would get funding. Therefore, I never looked for any scholarship. Now, I have been looking everywhere but is really difficult to find any that I am qualified for (I am an international student, woman, who will attend a BME program) or that is open for the 2018 fall semester. If you know about anything (loans or scholarships) that I could apply to, please let me know. The tuition at CMU is of 45000 USD. Even if it is a little sum it could help me to add up the total. Thank you for your help!!
  2. Hi everyone! I guess there are some of you who are in the same position as me and I just wanted to vent a little and maybe talk about it with some people who might be in the same spot. I applied to both Purdue and Pitt for the BME/BioE Ph.D. program. On April 10th or so I asked about the process and in both schools, they told me I'd have to wait for an answer after the April 15th deadline, before the 20th. Here I am, April 24th writing to you with no answers. I got rejected from UPenn and got invited to the masters of CMU (Since a prof. really liked my profile but didn't have the money to accept me), so I'm hoping in one of them I will get accepted since I cannot afford the Masters (By the way if any of you know of funding for a masters for international students I can apply to I'd be thankful). This waiting is even worse since I don't even know when will it end. I'm just hoping it is soon so I can finally live without the constant worry of the app. status. Congrats to all who have been accepted and hold on for those who are still waiting!
  3. Hi everyone! I guess I'm writing this in a way to distract myself and hoping to get some good advise from you guys! I applied to only 4 programs (BME/BioE) at Purdue, Pittsburgh, CMU and UPenn. I have only heard of CMU telling me that I didn't get in and that if I wanted I could join their masters program. Right now I'm not feeling very hopeful for the other 3 since I haven't had interviews after my applications and I haven't been notified of anything else. Im really worried about what could happen in my personal life as a result. My boyfriend of 3 years is doing his PhD in the states and I live in another country, I can't handle another year apart and I had decided to stop applying if I didn't get in. So i guess we are breaking up if i don't get in. So, if i get rejected I wont only abandon my dreams but will also lose my bf. I have thought about attending the master, but being from another country with a weaker coin, my only possibility would be to ask for a huge loan. I'd have to come back to my country to pay, wich means I'd probably finish paying when Im 40. So yeah! I'm sorry if I'm being too dramatic for you guys! I guess I just wanted to vent it out. Have a great day!
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