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Post Bacc at UC Berkeley Extension


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Hi guys, 


I was recently accepted into the Post Bacc at UC Berkeley Extension school. There is not as much information as I would like on the website so I am wondering if anyone has any type of experience with this program and if they found it worth while? I am really working to improve my portfolio right now to eventually apply to MFA programs. I do not have a BFA from undergrad so I am really trying to enhance studio skills now particularly in illustration/drawing. The UC berk program is a lot cheaper than other post bacc programs because it is a public school but I am wondering what people think is a good move. I am also looking at Post Bacc at the SMFA in Boston. Please help!! 

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It all depends on how much funding you are willing to spend. There is no promise that you get into an MFA program after a post Bacc. You could look into fellowships and gain the same experience without the expense. I had several offers but opted against them because I am at a different stage in my artist journey and did not want to add cost to my education nor delay my MFA any further. 

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