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  1. I am going into my second year for my MFA in studio arts at SACI Florence. I am looking into grants and how to write a good grant proposal. One book I bought on Grant Writing focus is on non-profit and has limited information for an artist. " The Only Grant-Writing Book you'll ever need" is not at all the last I need. The books I find on Amazon are dated. (10 + years old) Has anyone here ventured into grant writing as an individual artist? I am looking for a recommendation on resources which help me write grants as an individual artist. Thanks
  2. IrisR

    MFA over 50

    Martini, that is good to know thank you for chiming in.
  3. Mine was a Skype interview because the program is in Europe. You can request skype interviews but for the most part, they prefer in person. The cost is on the student from what I understand. I gather if a program really loves you they might provide a stipend for travel.
  4. You might consider SACI Italy as well. A smaller program in Florence Italy. https://saci-florence.edu The program was recommended to me by my art history professor. I am now in my second semester. It is a great program for self-motivated MFA candidates. But I was told so are most MFA programs. Depending on where you go you are pretty much on your own. What I like about SACI if I don't find what I need I can do a DIS self-directed studies and work with an artist from Italy. This is what I am doing this year I am partnered up with a local artist. If you rent your housing independently
  5. Some universities offer portfolio reviews. For instance MICA and PAFA
  6. How much funding do you have for applications? Is location more important than cost? Do you see your style of work represented in the faculty? Rutgers has wonderful studio spaces and a very diverse student body from what I have seen visiting the campus. I love that you are around BFA students as well as MFA students. You get teaching experience as well and access to NY. However, they only have a few MFA spots and they get an insane amount of applicants. I consider applying at Rutgers like playing the lottery. I can't talk about the other university since I did not visit th
  7. It all depends on how much funding you are willing to spend. There is no promise that you get into an MFA program after a post Bacc. You could look into fellowships and gain the same experience without the expense. I had several offers but opted against them because I am at a different stage in my artist journey and did not want to add cost to my education nor delay my MFA any further.
  8. After applying for two MFA seasons I can see how there is some truth to what has been stated here. Fact is there are too many applicants for the limited spots available funded or not. I am not an accountant but one does not have to be to see how the whole application process alone is a big money maker for some institution. I am amazed that after all the application fees they get they charge the few applicants they accept at all. The programs should be paying for themselves. I agree with the other poster, go for the fully funded programs but know there will be even more competition. Look outs
  9. IrisR

    Need help/advice

    You could reach out to professional photographers organizations and get more outside help as well. PPA, ASMP and APA are a good start. ASMP and PPA have local chapters in almost every state. https://americanmediainstitute.com/journalism-resources/professional-journalism-organizations/ https://www.asmp.org https://www.ppa.com http://apanational.org
  10. Hello Lilybet, Have you considered trying to get a job at RISD? A friend of mine did just that at Penn. She hopes that in a few years working at Penn she will be able to work towards her MFA. You can research Grants and Fellowships and other scholarship outside of RISD. Fellowships are the closest you can get to a similar experience you might find in an MFA program. They are a wonderful way to explore which direction you like to take and certainly look good on your application. Every university told me that you apply for a given program, however ones accepted you can pretty much select a
  11. IrisR

    MFA over 50

    Update: I found my MFA home at SACI Florence Italy. My two-year journey will begin in September. My goal is to not only become a better artist but to add another language. I will certainly block and talk about my journey on all the major SN sites. If I am not too busy I come back and post an update here about my experience. https://twitter.com/IrisKnowsArt https://instagram/IrisKnowsArt https://www.buymeacoffee.com/IrisRichardson
  12. Congratulation so happy for you. VCU is a wonderful program go with them.
  13. Congratulation to all of you who have been accepted into your MFA program. My MFA journey will continue in Florence Italy. What are the things you are doing now to prepare you for the next 2-3 years? How do you go about your thesis research?
  14. From talking to others post-bac programs are great for people who do not come from an art background and those who want to build their portfolio. If funding is no concern it is a valid option.
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