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  1. They are building brand new studios for the grad students. The work I saw from the BFA program was fantastic. Because you are traveling between Germany and the US you will be limited to what additional courses you can take. Alfred is a cute little town. Perfect to devote all your time to your work. You will need transportation. The program director is a very nice person and all the staff is very professional and friendly. The campus has a close-knit feel to it. Düsseldorf is a wonderful city and you will be close to other major Cities. MICA and PAFA are expensive. Not sure if money is an issue for you. Alfred/Düsseldorf is a great deal. Yes, it is a new program and untested, but with the great reputation Alfred has and the commitment of the staff you are in good hands. Having an MFA from Alfred/Düsseldorf will certainly set you apart from other MFA grads. Building all those international connections can only benefit you professionally. Best of luck.
  2. Looks like Alfred/Düsseldorf has made their decision. I wish them luck with their new MFA painting program journey. It should be amazing for those who got accepted.
  3. For all of you who are still waiting to find their MFA home... "Many programs have acceptance rates of 1 to 2 percent, making them as selective as the country’s best medical schools and considerably more selective than top law schools, Ivy League colleges, and Harvard’s graduate school. Nearly 80 of the 148 full-residency M.F.A. programs in America have acceptance rates of 20 percent or less; rates under 10 percent are more common among programs that fund their students."
  4. I am waiting on UConn as well.
  5. A simple thank you is good manners not slimy. Congratulations to all of you who have been accepted.
  6. Download the app Duolingo and get started on your German. I could tutor you. I would love to apply for a German MFA but have trouble identifying them. I did apply to Alfred/Düsseldorf. Pm me if you like to chat.
  7. MFA over 50

    Found this great article. With people living longer and longer I am surprised that this topic has not been addressed far more.
  8. I like to congratulate all of you who have gotten acceptance notices, how wonderful. I wish you much success. To those who are still waiting, hang in there. Read up on the Universities you are waiting for to be ready for the interview. Waiting is not easy and you are not alone.
  9. I am trilled for all of you who have received an interview and those who are accepted. Hugs to you who have been rejected. Let's hope that the next one is an acceptance. They really should not call it rejection since the changes are pretty low do to so many applicants. Has anyone looked into universities you have not applied to and are still accepting applications? What ever you do do not give up!
  10. Most all the 3 years schools allow you to teach. If teaching is something you consider that is worth its money in gold. I have read this forum for several years and some mentioned that the 2 year programs go by fast. It took them almost a year to get into the swing of things. Not having to worry about paying student loans will free up your time to be creative. If you are young and do not have other obligation and they give you teaching experience go for the 3 year program. Student loan debt can bring down the best of us, best to be avoided.
  11. Congratulation best of luck to you.
  12. Since we are all waiting, where are the best places to find "Call for artist" for local galleries?
  13. Portfolio Website Builder ?

    Herold, domain names don't cost that much. Check with go daddy .com they have often sales for 0.99 a year and then about $14 for every additional year.