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  1. I chose Rutgers too! Looking forward to meeting you there. Lemme know if you want to exchange emails. Can't wait to find out everyone who's coming. It was a really hard decision and I think Florida is an amazing program with good funding. Was especially impressed with Jack Stenner and am kind jealous of whoever gets to work with him. I had a little bit of difficulty finding and connecting with their current students, whereas Rutgers' mfa blog made everything super accessible.
  2. philly will likely be softer on your wallet in the long run and puts you in rather close proximity to NYC if that's important to you. the berkeley offer is great too and puts you on the west coast but closest aligned to the city with the highest living costs in the US. maybe if you're stuck, try to call faculty at both schools who you like and would want to work with. i just did this with the two schools i was stuck between and finally made a decision. best of luck!
  3. anyone else on this thread going to either Rutgers or U. of Florida (accepted into their Art + Technology program)? If you are I'd love to know how you made your decision. I'm having a helluva time deciding. thank you
  4. thank you! they told me they would send an email and letter this week when I had asked last week so it's a bit frustrating that we got two separate emails but...oh well, maybe i'll see you in LA.
  5. anyone who got into USC MFA heard back on any funding yet/ know what to expect? I applied hoping that all their bad press would lead to a complete turnaround in support but I really have no idea what to anticipate funding-wise.
  6. Hi All, I'm pretty bad at navigating this site so forgive me if this thread already exists for 2018 but I've been looking at a 2015 edition of this thread and it seemed really helpful so I figured I'd start one for this year. I'm currently trying to decide between: Rutgers: Interdisciplinary. 2 years. full ride. possibility of GA positions worth 7k a semester. #20 in US News Rankings (don't know how they do these but...) University of Florida: Arts + Technology. 3 years. full ride. 22k/year teaching fellowship (20 hrs/wk). #82 in US News. USC: New Genres. 2 years. Wai
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