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  1. Yes I met an artist who recently graduated from Hunter here in Chattanooga, TN (she's doing an artist residency) and she looooved it. She said she got a lot of opportunities for traveling and went to germany multiple times, for freee!!! also she was super cool.
  2. I was accepted to Florida and rejected by Rutgers ... I visited Florida and loooved the students! They took me out for drinks, Hosted me, we went hiking and all... the scenery is beautiful and the school is sooo well equipped ... i rejected their offer to go to hunter which I still feel a little bad about .. but it was a tough desicion.. the studios were not the best for painting :. But in the long run you get much more from three years than two. Rutgers was my first choice so I was sad to be rejected ..:: it’s a really really really competitive programs I’m guessing... so I guess it depends on what you want after school
  3. Yeah I’m going to vsc in June ! Got accepted last Tuesday
  4. was anyone able to get financial assistance from Hunter? Also rejected from temple haha... And got into VSC this summer! Has anyone gone?
  5. Yeah! This year I was offered full tuition from university of Florida + 22,000 a year stipend university of Delaware + 30,000 a year stipend Louisiana state university + 9200 a year stipend I also applied to Rutgers which is also fully funded but i I wasn’t accepted
  6. Loook man! Follow your gut! Think what school do you see yourself at and choose the first that comes to mind... that’s what I did. I had full rides and amazing stipends to various schools but i chose the school I wanted to go to the most from the beginning. The one I first think about
  7. well guys I wanted to tell you thanks for all the support it has been such a great thing to have this forum during admissions period! I have rejected all other offers and will be attending Hunter in the spring so good luck to everyone there will be a spot open for PAFA, UDel, UF and LSU! Good luck to everyone and hunter people reach out if anybody needs a roomate or anything! This is my email merchallanos@gmail.com and I am Mercedes Llanos on Facebook if anybody wants to connect I would love to! ❤️❤️❤️??
  8. hahah thanks!! yeah... it was that one school that I applied to thinking I would not get in... long shot/dream school... all of it!!! have you chosen?
  9. maybe you will hear tomorrow, they might send acceptances in groups. Are you going for painting?
  10. got accepted into hunter!!!! (spring) who's going?
  11. Tyler is one of the top schools here! I didn’t even get interviewed! And if you get to go there for free you should go!! It seems to be really prestigious and they do study abroad I think
  12. I can't believe tyler did not even say they rejected me... it's ridiculous I never heard anything back ever ... thanks tyler
  13. ughhh whattt?!?! OMG I haven't heard anything yet!! I emailed Carrie yesterday saying I preferred starting in Spring and she responded immediately saying that I should hear back next week and ended the email with: "more soon, Carrie" does that mean admission??? hmmmm
  14. Have you interviewed Columbia? Stay positive focusing on what you want!! The law of attraction works wonders
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