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  1. @E-P Rumor has it the humidity can get bad in the summer in the Midwest, is that true for West Lafayette in what you have heard and your experience so far? I've been in Florida in August but I knew I wasn't going to be staying long in that weather so that helped...
  2. ? Awesome! Yes, only person entering the set program this year so its a little weird not to be able to contact someone else in my department about how their transition is going. I'm moving out from San Francisco and have never lived in snow ( only visited winter-y places for a few days) so a little anxious about cold weather gear and that whole deal. I did lock down an apartment in March because I heard how competitive housing can be and I am going to be in the building literally across the river from you in River Walk. My department seems to be on top of the system thing, they have an orienta
  3. @E-P YAY communication/ media people! I'll be at Purdue for theatre but usually work film... are they hanging hammocks on trees around campus? One of the campus' I worked on allowed it and the other didn't. Got any new on campus grad advice ? I have to report to campus beginning of August
  4. That is true, I also had that happen with a dream program but what made it harder for me is they took my friend instead! So I had to keep hearing about the program even though I wasn't a part of it. HEY you got into a program! I am unsure about your specific program but in mine they only take 1-5 people per school so only 3% of all applicants get accepted since there aren't very many spots open. YOU GOT A SPOT!! it may not be the dream but YOU GOT IN! That is an accomplishment! Start doing your research on where you are going and see what you want to be involved in and the opportunities you c
  5. I think if you can accomplish your goal of receiving your degree and be able to mitigate your undergrad debt and not have any/minor/significantly less grad debt as a whole your self-health will be better in the long run since as you said you aren't guaranteed a job after graduation. I had the same decision and in a similar scenario with most of what you listed. I joke around a whine a little about it with my friends because its going to be a significant lifestyle change for me (going from a metropolitan area on the west coast to a small farming/ industrial town in the midwest) but thankful for
  6. @iwearflowersI try to interpret emails in the best way possible, like texting it can sometimes sounds more passive aggressive then they intended. I would hope that a professor would genuinely hope you make the right decision for you since the decision impacts your life! Congratulations on your decision!
  7. SetDec

    MFA over 50

    I'm not in the over 50 club, but I am returning to school to get my MFA next year after working in the entertainment industry for a lengthy time and wanted to hear what others experiences are, since I haven't heard back from others on a different thread. I did however grow up in the Bay Area and Mills is a highly reputable school, although very over looked because of how small it is with a lot of other larger schools so close by. I know a lot of people that either attended both at under and grad levels or teach there, they all loved it! If you get a chance I highly recommend you to visit!
  8. @AGingeryGinger Congrats on the Fellowship!
  9. So all of the forums and columns I have found has been on what it is like to go back to school for law, med, or a social science none of them have focused on art. Anyone have any perspective on attending the same department of graduate program after working in the same field of study for a lengthy period of time?
  10. I use Le Pen in various colors for note taking and drawing, I like their thin profile which is able to just slip into a pocket. I do carry cheap/free pens for those that need to borrow something. I also use General's Draughting Pencils and Blackwings as a daily pencil. I do work/study art so I get picky about what I use.
  11. I work with TAs (going to be one next year though! :D) but working in theatre/film/art environment the dress code is a little lax compared to other departments, they tend to wear what they normally would wear. If they wear heels and a tie on the daily, they continue to wear it as a TA just because you have a new job doesn't mean you need to lose your identity. However, that does not mean hot pants and a see-though top is appropriate for the class room (unless its for a character for acting class! ) I live near the Timbuk2 HQ so most of the TAs use their backpacks and messengers since they are
  12. I kept getting emails from a highly sought after programs starting with "Dear Prospective Grad Student..." My friend and I kept replying "Dear Prospective Grad School" they stopped emailing us.... There are programs that auto-fill your name into their letters it shouldn't be that hard to put the correct spelling of someone's name
  13. I agree about the bragging that is amazing! @SomeoneThrewMyShoe its a great contract to have the advisor that is excited for you, you can always keep in contact with him. There was a program I interviewed with and realized it wasn't for me but I still email one of the professors I connected with even though I'm not going to attend her school.
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