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  1. Is anyone here looking for housing? I'm looking at studios/1 bedrooms but I'm also interested in getting a 2 bed 2 bath in one of the complexes near campus with another grad student.
  2. That's awesome! I'm really excited about the program -- it's been on my radar for a couple years and finally decided to apply this cycle. I think I'll probably end up minoring in Public Health and/or the Kinsey human sexuality program.
  3. Hey everyone! Didn't see an IU - Bloomington thread for this cycle, so I decided to start one.
  4. I'm a big proponent of gathering all the information before making a decision (especially one that's going to significantly impact your life for the next 4, 5, 6 years). I feel like every time I get back from a visit or talk to a current grad student, I think of three more things to add to my decision spreadsheet! I think in about three weeks, I'm going to get tired of thinking about everything and just make a decision.
  5. You should find out if deferring the PhD for a year will effect the funding package they've offered you. I know some schools allow deferment for a year, but also can't guarantee the same funding if you decide to go that route.
  6. I already had the visit last week, but thanks for the advice anyway!
  7. Vandy had the visit weekend last week, so we'll all probably hear from them this week or early next week I'm guessing.
  8. Didn't know about the FICA exemption for students which is making me feel a lot better about financials lol. Thanks for the info!
  9. Related question -- what is the best way to calculate taxes for budgeting purposes? I've been using Smart Asset's income tax calculator for various cities where I am considering programs, but I seem to be coming up with conflicting information between what I've heard from some current grad students and the income tax calculator. I figure that it probably makes more sense to rely on what current grad students are pulling in net per month from their stipends, but in the cases where schools might not automatically pull taxes from each check, I need a reliable way to budget as it will be a signifi
  10. You would need to ask them -- varies by department.
  11. I love this -- I'm deciding between a few schools (and still waiting on final decision from a couple others) and I am definitely creating a "decision matrix" as well. There are just so many factors to consider that it can become fairly overwhelming...My plan is to assign point values to every factor and see who comes out on top. Plus gut feelings, of course.
  12. Exciting news!! The notification schedules really are all over the place for these schools -- I heard from most of my places in January (still waiting on UMich but expecting a rejection anyway).
  13. In addition to IU-B, I was accepted by the U of Arizona and Arizona State University. I just had an interview at Emory and will hear from them tomorrow. Another interview weekend at Vanderbilt for Sociology. Rejected from U of Minnesota and no word from U Michigan.
  14. Got a call from the grad director a couple of Fridays ago and an official email came after that.
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