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  1. Waiting on one last school, and on one waitlist. Does anyone have any advice on reaching out for a status check? Is there a polite way to ask without being annoying? Or should I hold off and stay patient?
  2. Waitlisted at UConn for painting! I had completely given up hope for this school, so this was a wonderful surprise. My fingers are crossed extremely tightly!
  3. Has anyone heard anything from University of Washington for Painting/Drawing or from Washington State (WSU)?
  4. Received rejection notice via email to check the portal, so mystery solved. Must be sending them out in batches.
  5. I've also not heard from Tulane. Feeling nervous about it, and I'm also confused if they send multiple waves of rejections or if I should have hope. Applied with a drawing/painting focus.
  6. Same thing happened to me, so I sent them an email to clarify. They're reviewing applications this month and will notify us in March. The financial aid offer is just the financial aid office acting independently, and doesn't mean anything about admissions. It's kinda weird, and got my hopes up when I first saw it!
  7. I feel this so hard. I need to know if I'm moving for grad school or staying in my city, because either way my lease is up and I need to look for new apartments ASAP! It sucks having to put life on hold for a while and not being able to make plans for even 6 months in the future
  8. Has anyone heard if Tulane sent out interview requests yet?
  9. Rejected from Wisconsin Madison this morning! Working on refining my backup plan today while I wait for the rest haha
  10. lol yes, bad idea. We're still in the early stages of hearing back, a lot of schools release decisions in mid-March. If it's April and you haven't heard anything, then I say go for it.
  11. Yeah, I read the email more closely, and I think it's just the financial aid office acting independently from the department - I don't think it means anything about the admission decision!
  12. So here's a weird question - what does it mean if I just received a financial aid letter from a school, but I haven't heard anything about the admission decision yet? Especially since I thought this program often awards waivers, yet this offer was all loans. Trying not get my hopes up here.
  13. That was my thinking, too. At least in Painting, I didn't see anything about interviews in previous years (but I might have been looking in a different place than you!) so I'm not sure if they accept/reject without interviewing candidates
  14. Has anyone heard if Madison has begun notifying people at all? It looks like this past week and the next week are when they typically release their decisions.
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