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Not being able to repay university loan

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Hi guys, so I'm in a really bad situation, the thing is there is a high chance that I might not be able to repay the international student loan that I took for a year, it's about 1500$. I mean, maybe I could pay it by the due date, but the problem is I'm leaving the US and I have a lot of other expenses and paying it would hurt my pocket really bad and I'd end up with few dollars in my pocket and I'm not sure if I will actually come back because of unclear situation with my funding. So, I'm wondering what options I have and what you would recommend me. I want to email them but at the same time I'm afraid thinking that will make them cautious about me and they might start pressuring or smth but Idk. Good thing it's summer, I guess I could work full time now, the problem is I'm already RA working for my adviser and I'm supposed to defend my Master's this summer and I'm not sure he'd let me to work part-time anywhere else on-campus. But I wonder if he'd find out if I apply for some additional job on-campus. I'm guessing that if I could make few hundred dollars additionally I'd be fine.

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It looks that your best options is to stop guessing and ask the university if they can give you a payment plan; and your advisor, if they let have a job on campus (be sure to know which job and how much you'd be making so that it makes sense to you. The important things is to graduate).

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