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Graduate programs for studying mathematical logic?


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I'm not someone who has been planning on studying philosophy at the graduate level, even though one of my degrees will be in philosophy. However as I've been learning more mathematical logic (model theory, recursion theory/computatiblity, etc) there are some things that I really want to study and some research ideas that I want to pursue.


Basically I'm looking for masters programs to apply to (since I don't think someone who only has one good philosophy letter writer could get into a PhD) that have strong faculty in logic, especially model theory.


There is another caveat, however, which is that I don't want to spend 30k a year or even 10k a year (or even 5k a year) on a program. I would like to spend not too much, since I don't have enough credit to be able to afford such a price without having to work at a job during my studies. Places I know about are LMU, Toronto, UWO, and Bonn (though you have to apply through the math department), though the faculty at Bonn seem very specialized in set theory and the people at LMU to me are solely interested in studying defeasible logics and weird kinds of logics, but maybe that's just what they're famous for.


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A master's degree, like a PhD, should be funded by your department, otherwise it's not really worth it. Many MAs in philosophy are funded, although not all are (especially in Europe and  the UK). If you're Canadian, then you can apply to SSHRC for funding to do your degree anywhere; if you're from Québec, you can do the same with the FRQSC (but I think it's limited to universities in Québec); if you're from Ontario, apply to OGS (for a degree at an institution in Ontario). 

One thing you'll have to decide is whether you're aiming for an MSC in logic, or an MA in philosophy with a focus on logic and mathematics. The range of options for the MSC is a lot narrower, but will obviously afford you much greater competence in the subject. On the other hand, the MA will probably give you broader competence in philosophy itself, and there are lots of departments with very strong logicians and philosophers of mathematics.

For the MSC in logic, I know that Amsterdam and CMU both offer it. I think these are probably your strongest options. IIRC the LSE and Paris 7 also offer a master's-level degree in logic. Manchester does, too, but it's through the maths department.

For the MA, you're right to think of Western. I'd add Calgary as a possibility.


On the PhD front, it's worth noting that Berkeley has a straight-up PhD in logic run by the philosophy department.

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