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Cancer Immunology


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I am interested in learning about cancer immunology, and I know that this is what I want to do in grad school. Are there any schools that have a cancer immunology program, or have some faculty doing cancer immunotherapy research? The schools that I found and are applying to are: GSK, Weill Cornell, MD Anderson, UT Southwestern, UCSF, Stanford, and Johns Hopkins. All of these are top tier programs, I'm trying to find lower tier programs with cancer immunology faculty members to add to my list. I've found many schools with a cancer program, but many of them don't have any faculty doing cancer immunology, and if they did, there were only 1 or 2 faculties. 

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Definitely add Ohio State BSGP to your list. Ohio State is a top tier cancer biology program. I was extremely impressed when I interviewed there. Ohio State Comprehensive Cancer Center, The James, and Nationwide Children's Research Institute are doing top of the line translational cancer immunotherapy research. 

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Any school that is affiliated with an NCI designated comprehensive cancer center will be environments to study at.

BCM Cancer and Cell Biology program has a great balance of basic science research faculty but also translational research too. The Cell and Molecular Biology department at BCM is top notch, I think top 5 in NIH funding, and is one of the driving forces of the college's cancer research. 

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