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B+ in PhilMind


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Hello everyone! I'm a junior attending a mid-tier LAC who is planning on applying to grad school in philosophy next year. I've taken 11 philosophy classes, maintaining a major GPA of 3.81 and a cumulative GPA 3.72 (math and physics lowered my cumulative). Last semester I had straight As in all of my classes (3 of which were philosophy), so I was feeling fairly confident that I was on track for a decent program. I also won a research award and have been conducting a fair amount of research in modal epistemology.  However, this past semester I received a B+ in philosophy of mind. I'm wondering how significantly this will harm my application. I am aware that admissions will largely depend on my writing sample and letters of recommendation, but as my school isn't exactly top-tier I am worried that this will sink my application. Thanks! 

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It might be a problem if you want to do philosophy of mind, and your paper for that course received a B+, and you wanted to use that paper as your writing sample. Other than that, doesn't matter.

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