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Tips for verbal and chemistry subject?


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Hi everyone, I'm planning to take my GRE (general+subject) in the spring/summer and fall of 2019, respectively. Unfortunately, I've never been very good at reading comp (ok at vocab if I study up) when it comes to standardized tests. Due to scheduling requirements and other degree related things, I have to take biochem the fall of my senior year (fall 2019), the time when I have to apply to grad school, so I really only get one shot at the chemistry subject. 

Has anyone been in a similar situation testing-wise and would be willing to share some studying tips or resources with me? I've never been so sure as to how to study for a verbal portion of an exam (yes, I did very bad on critical reading on my SAT), so any suggestions (besides doing practice exams and vocab cards, which I'm already doing) are really appreciated. For those with experience/insight, should I basically study up on biochem before I take the actual class so I'll know just enough for the GRE? In general, if I want to make it into a good PhD program (not necessarily Harvard or Princeton, but maybe like some nice state schools like Texas, LA, Davis, etc.) what scores I should aim for? 

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