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Only 1 "good" LOR?

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Hello all,

I am preparing to apply for grad school next season in a science field for next year, but don't feel that my LOR situation is the best. I currently have only worked with one main research advisor for 3 years and have two OK publications (I'm 1 of 20+ co-authors, which I've read is non-significant to the grad school admission committees). However, I have read on this site that it's preferred to have 2 professors that can personally and strongly vouch for your research potential. In addition, my other letter writers would just be professors that I took a class with and could say that I was a strong student, despite my lower GPA. 

My main question is how do admission committees look at students that have had only one research advisor and 2 other LORs that are decent but not great from professors whom I just in their class? Does it typically have a negative impact on your evaluation by a committee compared to students with multiple research advisors?

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This was kind of my situation. I think you should try and go ahead and apply! Throw what you have out there. Mine ended up working out because that one professor was EXTREMELY strong and wrote a great letter. 

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