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Double degree Ph.D/doctorat (“cotutelle”) with France and employment opportunities

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Hey, all!

Hopefully in a few years my school will let me try to do my doctorate with a French university so the diploma will be valid in France. I am a dual citizen who is in the US for a PhD but I want to keep my options open and probably go back to France to live and work after studying. 

I know I’d have to do the terribly frightening  agrégation to teach as a Professor back home, but I’d be thrilled to read any “real life” experiences about finding employment and how French academia sees people with an American Ph.D. 

Any tips? Stories? Insight? Thanks!

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You should ask your DGS about cotutelle placements. I know that one of Rutgers' recent graduates (who did a cotutelle) was placed very well. I think the 20th-century specialist at Johns Hopkins also did a cotutelle. 

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